Aalborg University

Department of Energy Technology

Aalborg University, Department of Energy Technology has an inter-disciplinary fuel cell system research program with about 15 researchers.

The program is centered on fundamental and applied research in fuel cell components, subsystems and complete systems and involves experimental as well as modeling activities.

The technologies cover low temperature as well as high temperature PEM fuel cells and associated fuel processing technologies. Recently low tempe- rature PEM water electrolysis activities were also initiated. During the past 10 years the group has gradually intensified the high temperature PEM research that today represent about half of the activities. In particular the areas of MEA characterization and modeling and various aspects of system design, modeling and control are major focus areas.

AAU-fig1 The group operates a state- of-the-art laboratory with commercial as well as in-house test stations covering the entire range from single cells to complete stacks.
HTPEM stack testing using a Greenlight test station in the fuel cell laboratory at Aalborg University, Denmark


Methanol reforming test facility
at Aalborg University


Porosimeter for detailed characterization
of porous transport media


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