Danish Technological Institute

The Danish Technological Institute is a non-for-profit organisation approved by the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Higher Education. The Institute has served primarily the Danish industry since 1906. The Institute employ around 1.000 persons of whom 70% are scientists/ engineers many with a Ph.D. curriculum. The Institute manage more than 15.000 commercial assignments every year and more than 200 national and international projects carried out in close collaboration with industry and universities.

The Centre for Nano- and Microtechnology is a high tech unit within the Institute employing 30 scientist and technical specialists. The centre is engaged in a great number of projects carried out in an industry/ university partnership collaboration. The centre is managing an outstanding laboratory infrastructure for materials characterisation. The focus of our R&D is the development of nanotechnology based energy systems, e.g. micro fuel cells using our proprietary catalyst.

The DTI portfolio of industry/ technology sectors


Danish Technological Institute
Gregersensvej 1
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Phone: (+45) 72 20 33 00
E-mail: lhc@teknologisk.dk
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