Green Technology Center, Korea

Founded in 2012 by the government of the Republic of Korea, Green Technology Center (GTC) is a government affiliated organization based in Seoul. We conduct high-quality research in the field of green technology R&D policies in order to counteract the climate change and the exhaustion of natural resources.

Playing a significant role in diffusing Green Technology

Our vision is to become a think-tank for the transformation of green technology and a bridge-builder for global green technology development.

Our mission is to lead green technology innovation and create new growth engine for the future. GTC, as Korea’s gateway for global green technology cooperation, provides practical policy recommendations in three major areas:

  • Green Technology R&D Policy Planning
  • Global Green Technology Networking & Cooperation
  • Green Technology Foresight for Sustainable Future

Through our research in these three major areas, GTC plans to support effi- cient diffusion of green technology and green growth strategies, and we strive to become the most accessible communication channel between the users and suppliers of green technology. We plan to achieve our mission by expanding the scope and depth of our activities, which includes assisting developing countries, networking with developed countries and establishing a system for advanced technology development.

As a global research center, GTC has established strategic partnerships with international organizations such as UNESCAP, UNIDO, UNDP, World Bank, etc., and has participated in various international projects.

GTC-UNDP Joint Workshop on Equitable Energy Access (WEEA) GTC-fig1

GTC-fig3 Mekong Development Cooperation GTCK –GGGI-Vietnam


Green Technology Center
17th fl. Namsan Square Bldg,
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Seoul 100-705, South Korea

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