Membrane Laboratory

(Professor Young Moo Lee)

Department of Energy Engineering, Hanyang University

Membrane Laboratory (Department of Energy Engineering, Hanyang Univ.) has focused on the development of functionalized polymer materials and versatile membranes for energy coversion and energy harvesting system as well as carbon capture & sequestration.

Various research activities on the newly designed polymer structures and novel membrane fabrication method have been achieved with global industry partners and notable research institutes. For polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell, our group has studied various types of aromatic hydrocarbon polymers with orderly distributed ion conductive channels in nano-size to improve the electrochemical performances as well as dimensional stabilities.

On the other hand, thermally rearranged (TR) polymers, tuned with hourglass-shaped subnano-sized cavitie have been invented and improved in collaboration with international partners (CSIRO, CSIC). TR hollow fibers are also being commercialized with Air Products. The current membrane technology enlarges the membrane application areas torward the energy harvesting membrane technology, high fficient desalination and pre- and post comburstion CCS.

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Membrane Laboratory
(Professor. Young Moo Lee)

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