Hugreen Power Inc.

Hugreen Power Inc. is a specialized manufacturer leading the industry with its innovative technology in the portable and mobile fuel cell with a capacity ranging from 200W~7KW. All products from Hugreen Power Inc. operated by a liquid fuel-based integrated chemical hydride hydrogen generator which is one of the key technologies are not only excellent and safe in the storage quality with a high hydrogen storage density and easy to handle and operate but also energy-efficient eco-friendly ones.

More than all, we could make it lighter and more compact as the components of the hydrogen generator are all integrated into one.

Differently with existing fossil fuel based power generation systems and other fuel cell systems using reformer, which have the problems of noise, heat, environment and operating time, Hugreen Power uses our utmost efforts for the value realization and commercialization as true future-oriented renewable energy, which can be used diversely such as for motive power sources or power source for all kinds of devices throughout the fields in society from household use up to industrial and military use, stationary or mobile generator, APU, etc.

HP-200FCS (200W Fuel Cell Power System)


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