Korea Institute of Science and Technology

Founded in 1966, KIST is a premier multi disciplinary research institute in Korea. The Fuel Cell Research Center, for the last 24 years, has been actively conducting research and development for fuel cells.

The main objective of the Center is to acquire core competencies in fuel cell technology in order to transfer technologies to domestic companies to establish the fuel cell industry in the near future.

KIST Fuel Cell Research Center - PEMFC Test Lab

The members of the Center work diligently to develop core technology of fuel cell components to improve performance, to enhance life and to reduce the cost of fuel cell for transportation and distributed power generation. In addition, the Center works to develop technologies related to hydrogen generation and storage for fuel cells and innovative water electrolysis technology.

Besides preparative labs and extensive analytical equipment for ex-situ testing, the Center operates about 20 PEMFC test stands.

Chemical Hydrogen Storage Membranes Membranes
DrNam  DrHenkensmeier  DrKim 
Dr. Suk-Woo Nam
Center Head
Phone: (+82) 2 958-5274
E-mail: swn@kist.re.kr
Dr. Dirk Henkensmeier
Senior Researcher
Phone: (+82) 2 958-5298
E-mail: henkensmeier@kist.re.kr
Dr. Hyoung-Juhn Kim
Principal Researcher
Phone: (+82) 2 958-5299
E-mail: kimhj25@kist.re.kr
Fuel Cell, Electrolyser Fuel Cell Catalyst Development
DrJang  DrCho  DrYoo 
Dr. Jong Hyun Jang
Principal Researcher
Phone: (+82) 2 958-5287
E-mail: jhjang@kist.re.kr
Dr. Eunae Cho
Principal Researcher
Phone: (+82) 2 958-5279
E-mail: eacho@kist.re.kr
Dr. Sung Jong Yoo
Senior Researcher
Phone: (+82) 2 958-5260
E-mail: ysj@kist.re.kr

The PEMFC team in KIST


KIST, Fuel Cell Research Center
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