KOLON Industries Inc.

Since the first nylon production in Korea in 1957, KOLON Industries, Inc. is developing and manufacturing chemical and materials. Focusing on the four major business divisions, namely, industrial materials, chemical, films/ele- ctronic materials, and fashion, the company has become a leader in each industry. The part of membrane in industrial materials, which are used in water treatment and energy devices such as fuel cell.

  • Membrane humidifier and reinforced PEM for fuel cell
  • Membrane and membrane module for water treatment

As the change of environment and depletion of natural resources, it is impossible to maintain green growth without the support of eco-friendly materials. KOLON Industries, Inc. leads the material development in the area of waste water treatment and pre-process of sea water desalination. Moreover, by the starting of the fuel cell applications, we have been expanded development for the various areas like fuel cell humidifier and reinforced polymer electrolyte membrane.

Ecomate® : Membrane for fuel cell applications 



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