Serenergy A/S

The Company

Serenergy was founded in 2006 by leading researchers at the Institute of Energy Technology at the University of Aalborg in Denmark. Our state-of- the-art Serenus product line is based on newly patented technology developments resulting in highly competitive performance. Our products are used in a broad range of markets and applications.

Our Focus

We design, manufacture and sell fuel cell stacks and fuel cell power modules for system integrators. Serenergy is a leading manufacturer of fuel cell stack modules featuring the HTPEM (High Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane) technology. Our fuel cell modules transform methanol and hydrogen rich gas into electricity.

H & Power represent Serenergy in Korea.

5 kW reformed methanol Fuel cell system

350 W Reformed Methanol fuel cell

HT PEM liquid cooled stack – S165L


Serenergy A/S
Lyngvej 8
DK-9000 Aalborg

Phone: (+45) 8880 7040

H & Power
N7-71111 KAIST,
335 Gwahangno
Deajeon 305-701,
Republic of Korea

Phone: (+82) 42-350-7333