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Sogang University was founded in 1960 by the Society of Jesus to provide an education based on Catholic belief and inspired by the Jesuit educational philosophy.

Research Institute for Energy and Environment was established to solve energy shortage and environmental problems by renewable energies such as solar, fuel and bio-energy.

Lab members

Presently our group has been working on the polymer nanocomposite electrolytes for PEMFC and Li-ion secondary batteries. We are interested in the modification of nanochannels by using the 1~3 nm sized nanoparticles and chemically modifying them with various functional moieties such as sulfonic and phosphonic acids. The latter one is especially designed for PEMFC for vehicle applications and resulted in the highest conductivity of 0.05 S/cm at 120 °C/RH < 40%. In addition, the nanocomposite was very strong, which will produce much thinner nanocomposite electrolytes with much less resistance in MEA. We are looking for the research groups who can help us with computer simulation or synthesis of new polymers for further improvement.

Elemental mapping of nanocomposite electrolytes for high temperature PEMFC


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