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Description of research fields and target for EML in Yonsei University; Electronic Material Lab. is developing and manufacturing Membranes for high temperature PEM fuel cells.

Various types of membranes based on polybenzimidazole are synthesized using organic-inorganic hybrid technology.

Development and optimization of novel organic/inorganic hybrid membranes with high proton conductivity and durability.

Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) for high temperature PEM fuel cells. Core technologies to manufacture Proton Exchange Membranes (PEMs) are secured by holding several domestic and foreign patents.

Electronic Material Lab. holds world class performance of PEMs using these key technologies.

Electronic Material Laboratory in Yonsei University has worked and coopera- ted with several partners which lead the PEM fuel cells research and appli- cation field in the world.

Those contribute the enhancement of national competitiveness as well as suggest the solution for global energy problem.



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